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Commercial Treatments For Bed Bugs In Seattle




Pest problems can and do occur in commercial facilities. Seattle business owners and managers understand this.  Many also understand that it is absolutely critical to have a pest management program in place that is designed to not only address insects and rodents but to also prevent them in the first place.  Bed bugs are no exception.  In fact because they are excellent hitchhikers…


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How Do Canine Bed Bug Inspections Work in Portland?




Pest control companies throughout the U.S. including Sprague Pest Solutions are now utilizing the keens sense of smell dogs possess to identify bed bugs. In Portland, OR hotels, dormitories, and apartment complexes as well as other facilities and even private residences are susceptible to infestation but canine bed bug inspections are making it easier and quicker (a mere couple of minutes in most…


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Bed Bug Facts For Salt Lake City Hotel Management




Due to the increasing issues with bed bugs in Salt Lake City hotels and other businesses most business owners and manager are likely already familiar with some of the more common bed bug facts. But what about the small details or the things that not everyone may know about the habits and behavior of bed bugs? These uncommon facts could really help your business be better prepared to prevent and…


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Sprague Meets with Senators Cantwell, Murray in Washington, D.C.




Bed Bug Research, Reducing Regulatory Burdens Top Items for Discussion

Sprague Pest Solutions was in Washington, D.C. this week to encourage support for two important bills impacting our industry and the communities we serve. Company owners Alfred H. Treleven III and Lawrence R. Treleven met with Senators Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray of Washington State to discuss H.R. 872 and H.R. 967. H.R. 872, Reducing Regulatory Burdens Act of 2011, is a bipartisan bill to…


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