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Bed Bugs Hit The Big Screen




Think bed bugs are only biting people in beds? Think again! Pest control professionals in Salt Lake City want to warn businesses in the entertainment industry that bed bugs are no longer just infesting hotel rooms but movie theaters as well. In fact, many public places are now at risk for having bed bugs and what this means is that businesses need to become proactive and prevent the continued…


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How Bed Bugs Can Hurt Your Salt Lake City Business




Business owners in Salt Lake City should be on the lookout for bed bugs this summer. No longer is it just hotels and other businesses in the travel and hospitality industry that are finding bed bug infestations but businesses across many different industries as well. Movie theaters, retail environments and just about anywhere there are people, you can also find bed bugs. So, why is it that…


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Salt Lake City Canine Bed Bug Inspections




Bed bugs are on the rise in cities all across the country, and Salt Lake City, Utah is no exception. These pests come out at night looking for a blood meal and often find it in the inhabitants of beds, biting their sleeping victims numerous times and then retreating to their hiding places when the sun comes up. These little blood suckers can be very difficult to identify because of their nocturnal…


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