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Could Carpet Beetles Be The Next Commercial Pest Threat?




If your facility is experiencing problems with carpet beetles, you know how frustrating these pests can be. Carpet beetles are in the family Dermestidae and members of this family feed on dry plant and animal products, including leather, fur, silk, wool and other fabrics as well as dry food products. The professionals at Sprague have been getting a lot of calls lately from folks concerned…


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Denver Pest Control Pros On Carpet Beetles vs Bed Bugs




Do you know about carpet beetles? With all the hype about bed bugs in the news these days, you may not have heard much about carpet beetles. These bugs can be in your home and make you think you have a bed bug problem, because if you have a carpet beetle allergy, you may be reacting to these pests in a similar way as you would to bed bugs.


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Carpet Beetles In Colorado




Have you got carpet beetles in your Denver home? If you do, you might actually think you have bed bugs. It may surprise you, but some people that suspect they have bed bugs in their homes actually have carpet beetles. These beetles, which belong to the dermestid family, can be found in homes, as well as warehouses, museums and other locations where their desired food exists.  Because the…


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