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DIY Miller Moth Control for Colorado Homeowners




In Colorado, the miller moth is a very common pest- in fact, it is known to be the most common moth in Colorado. The miller moth is the adult stage of the army cutworm; before the cutworm becomes an adult, it feeds on crops and garden plants and as an adult, it feeds on nectar. This moth can become a nuisance pest when it migrates from the plains to the mountains in late spring following the…


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Are Those Sugar Ants In My Home?




There are many different types of ants in Colorado, and with the onset of warmer weather, ant activity tends to increase. Homeowners in Denver and Boulder are starting to see an abundance of sugar ants, which are most active during the summer. Sugar ants are the small ants in the kitchen that are probably searching around for any sweet treats that were left behind.


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What NOT To Do When You See Ants In Your Home




A lot of homeowners in Colorado have been complaining that there are ants in the kitchen, in the bathroom, and just about everywhere. If you are dealing with the same problem, you are in good company. And though instinct may have you going for that can of spray under the kitchen sink in order to kill these pesky insects, make sure that you read this first. It is what NOT to do when you see ants…


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Termites Become Active In Denver




Have you ever seen a swarm of termites in Denver? Although swarms are a common occurrence every spring, they do not always take place in a location where we can see them. But do not be fooled, even if you do not see any swarming termites near your Denver home, this does not mean you are safe from the threat of a termite infestation.


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