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K-9 Bed Bug Inspections From Sprague Pest Solutions




The holiday hustle and bustle is almost here- are you prepared? Family and friends will be coming to stay soon, so now is a good time to plan ahead for your canine bed bug inspection from Sprague Pest Solutions. When your guests leave, you will want to be assured that they have not brought with them any unwelcome house guests like bed bugs, so a bed bug inspection by our trained bed bug detection…


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Portland Pest Control Pros Offer 3 Types Of K9 Bed Bug Inspections




Bed bugs in Portland, Oregon continue to be a prevalent problem in apartment buildings, hotels and other commercial facilities as well as private homes. The good news is that April and the other K-9 bed bug inspectors at Sprague Pest Solutions are hard at work sniffing out bed bugs.


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Bed Bugs Continue To Bite In Portland OR




Unfortunately bed bugs continue to be…well a pest in Portland, Oregon. Not only are they infesting hotels, they are a serious problem for the property management industry and for other commercial facilities in the area. If reports of bed bug sightings or bed bug bites on guests, tenants or employees have you frustrated, the good news is that bed bugs can be eliminated.


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Schedule A K-9 Bed Bug Inspection For After The Holidays




The holidays are a very busy time.  Many people are coming in and out of your home this week, and you are probably going to visit other friends’ and relatives’ homes.  Bed bug activity has greatly increased over the last decade, and they are now very prevalent in Denver, Boulder, and throughout Colorado. 


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