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Holiday Travel Means Bed Bugs Could Be in Boise Hotels




Are you traveling to Boise or anywhere else this holiday season? If so, you could find yourself in hotel with a bed bug infestation. As the number of travelers increase this time of the year, so do the number of bed bug infestations which is why it is important to be on alert when you arrive at your destination and make sure that you are not spending the night in a room with bed bugs. 


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Do Businesses In Boise Need To Worry About Bed Bugs?




Right now as the weather is beginning to shift to a crisp fall feel, there is a lot of talk about how to pest proof your business in order to avoid fall pests like rodents, spiders, and many others. But let’s not forget the continued importance of maintaining a bed bug free facility in Boise. While efforts to protect your facility from common fall invaders may put bed bugs on the back…


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ABC News Story: Elm Seed Bug Overwhelms Idaho




ABC News recently did a story covering an alarming and unanticipated pest threat to many homes in Idaho. The presence of the elm seed bug has been overwhelming homeowners across the state and what started out as a minor sighting of these bugs has turned into a more serious problem resulting in many phone calls to the Idaho State Department of Agriculture.


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