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Why 2012 Was Named The Year Of Infectious Diseases




We recently discussed how bed bugs made numerous headlines in 2012, but they are not the only pest who caught attention of the media in the past year (and not in a good way). Mosquitoes and mice both presented a major threat in 2012 because of the serious diseases they carry and unfortunately, there were many who suffered last year as a result of high numbers of these pests. 


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Winter Drip Line Inspections To Keep the Home Pest Free




With the winter season bringing cold weather to much of the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain region, it is important to be sure that your home and business are protected from not only the cold weather but also pests. Did you know that the drip line along the foundation of the structure can be a magnet to pests including mice, rats and other insects?


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So, You Have Bed Bugs In Salt Lake City?




Bed bugs are an increasing problem nationwide and can seriously affect businesses in the hospitality industry including hotels, vacation rentals, restaurants, and even public transportation companies. Not only could an infestation blemish your reputation, but if bed bugs are left untreated, the cost of remediation greatly increases.


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