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Do You Have Cockroaches In Your Home?




If you had a busy summer like we did, did your kitchen feel a little lonely? Many people try to stay out of the kitchen as much as possible in the summer time, but if you’re finally settling back into your old routine and you’re using your kitchen more, you may be seeing insects in there you’ve not seen before. Could these be cockroaches?


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Summer Pest Prevention Tips For Your Commercial Facility




Summer is here and for most businesses, that’s a good thing! Business often picks up in the summer time and although you may feel like things are a little hectic right now, you can’t forget about one of the most important factors to running your commercial facility in the summer: pest control.  Protecting your facility from invading pests especially in the summer is important…


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How To Control Carpet Beetles




We recently wrote a blog comparing carpet beetles to bed bugs because the reaction of the hairs of carpet beetle larvae can cause an allergic reaction in some people that is similar to bed bug bites. And while an allergic skin reaction is certainly not something we wish upon anyone, the good news is that mild cases of carpet beetles are generally easier to control than an infestation of bed bugs.


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Controlling Climate In Warehouses To Prevent Pests




For commercial facilities in Seattle, Salt Lake City, and Portland, pest control should be one of the top priorities. Whether you already maintain a regular pest control service or have  implemented pest prevention strategies, a key component in avoiding any pest threat is to control the climate in your warehouse or other type of facility. The experts in commercial pest control at Sprague…


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