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Sprague Pest Solutions Gives the Oregon Humane Society Something to Bark About




Fourth-generation and family owned Sprague Pest Solutions is welcoming the second-generation of its canine family as Nikki, a black Labrador, takes over for April as the company's lead bed bug canine inspector.


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The Importance Of Restaurant Pest Control




Pest control in Seattle can be a challenge, especially for restaurant owners. Pests like rodents, sugar ants, pantry pests and other stored product pests can all pose problems in a commercial environment. Without a relationship with a commercial pest control company, it can be difficult to keep all of these pests in check, all the time; because of this, restaurant pest control can seem almost…


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Pest Control For Organic Food Processing Facilities




When it comes to choosing commercial pest control for food processing facilities, you must choose wisely, especially when you are processing organic food. Organically-certified food processing facilities must be very careful when attempting to get rid of pests, but the professionals at Sprague Pest Solutions can offer BrandSmart Pest Prevention, which by definition is ideal for organic food…


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Portland Pest Control Pros On Bed Bug And Bed Bug Egg Prevention




When you run a business, you often have a million and one things running through your mind at any one time. There are so many facets to running a business that it can be difficult to keep everything organized and to keep your stress from getting out of control. Unfortunately for business owners, in the last few years bed bugs have reared their ugly heads and have become a new problem for…


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