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Infested: The Threats of Pests in Your Business




When it comes to pests it’s not really a matter of if but when they will infest.  Whether a guest introduces bed bugs, a shipment arrives infested with some type of pest or rodents execute a hostile takeover, the bottom line is pest problems are a serious threat to your business.  In addition to tarnishing a  company’s hard earned image and reputation, businesses in…


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Bed Bugs: Be A Proactive Business




It used to be that hotels took the brunt of negative media attention in regards to bed bugs. It makes sense considering that hotels are a hub for many travelers and thus a hub for the onset of bed bug infestations. Just a few bed bugs or bed bug eggs latched to someone’s clothing or luggage is enough to start a full on infestation. And the only thing worse than the thought of bed bugs…


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