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Rodent Control Through A Commercial Pest Control Partnership




When it comes to owning or running a business, you need to always be thinking about tomorrow. Being prepared can help you run a successful business, whether it is in the food service industry, the food processing industry or even the hospitality industry. Anticipating your business’s needs before they happen can help you to stay organized and prepare you for any problems that may arise.


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Say No To Rodents In Colorado




There is a distinct chill in the air, especially in the early evening. This chill reminds us that fall weather is on the way and with it comes the pests that are looking for shelter inside our homes and businesses. Pests like mice and other rodents will be looking to find a warm and cozy winter hideaway, but if you prepare in advance, these pests won’t be overwintering inside your home.


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Message to Prevent Pests is Rolling in the Streets of Seattle




Sprague's Ratpocalypse Biking Billboard Campaign Kicks Off Early

Right now, workers and residents in Seattle's Pioneer Square are learning about the strong potential for a surge in pest activity as a result of the tunnel construction project. "We teamed up with Biking Billboards to encourage the community to take action now and prevent rodent and roach infestations," said Sprague's Carrie Thibodeaux. "There is a very serious side to this message with the health…


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Pest Management Conference for Food Plants




Hosted in Boise, Idaho

Today Sprague is hosting the Pest Management Conference for Food Plants in Boise, ID. We are able to co-sponsored the event this year with the University of Idaho and TechHelp. Attending the conference are members addressing quality assurance, sanitation, food safety and plant management. Rodent expert Dr. Bobby Corrigan addressed the group this morning, sharing smart strategies for preventing…


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