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The Ratpocalypse Has Begun - Is Your Seattle Business Ready?




With tunnel construction in the works, business owners near the SR 99 Viaduct and up the hills of Seattle are noticing a major increase in pests including rats, mice and roaches. The best way to survive what is being called the Ratpocalypse (and come out with a clean reputation) is to be proactive! Businesses in Seattle will have to take extra steps to prevent the influx of pests in their…


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Highway 99 Project Is Digging Up The Dirt On Rodent Activity




Seattle, Wash. – If you own a business or work near the Highway 99 Viaduct you should prepare yourself for an influx of unwanted customers – rodents and cockroaches. The Seattle waterfront is no stranger to these nasty pests and as the Highway 99 tunnel project gains steam, this massive undertaking is forcing pests to find new places to hide, feed, and unleash their damaging and public…


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