Bed Bug Canine Inspections

April the bed bug sniffing dog

Bed Bug Dogs In Salt Lake City, Portland, Seattle, Eugene, and Boise

Continuing our long history of introducing innovative service solutions, Sprague Pest Solutions provides Bed Bug Canine Inspection services to clients in the Portland and Seattle areas.  Bed bug dogs have been used in New York, Florida, Japan and we are able to offer this smarter approach to detecting bed bugs locally.

The Northwest’s First Bed Bug Inspection Dog Team

Rescued from the pound, Sprague’s bed bug canine team has been trained using the same methodology and training regimen as bomb-sniffing dogs, drug dogs and termite dogs.  Our handlers are certified by canine master trainers as bed bug dog handlers. 

Identify Bed Bugs Early And Accurately

Bed Bug Dog April Sniffing for bed bugsUsing their keen sense of smell, our dogs are able to detect bed bugs and bed bug eggs with an extremely high level of accuracy.  Their skills are useful in:

  • Proactive inspections to identify bed bugs as early as possible after they have been introduced

  • Targeted inspections when bed bug activity is suspected in a particular room and adjoining rooms

  • Post-treatment inspections to determine if bed bugs have moved beyond treated areas

A trained pest management professional can only detect visible signs of bed bugs in a room.  To check if there is activity within mattresses or upholstered furniture, in wall voids, baseboards or under carpets, the room would have to be stripped down and the baseboard pulled away from the walls.  This process can be time consuming and disruptive. 

Bed Bug K-9s can detect bed bugs in the smallest cracks and crevices, making their inspection more thorough and accurate.  More accurate detection means that if there is bed bug activity present, the dogs will alert to it and control measures can begin. 

Sprague’s canine inspection service can demonstrate that you have attempted to protect your visitors and guests and provide them with a pest-free environment. 

Bed Bug Canine Inspection services are available in the Northwest exclusively from Sprague Pest Solutions.

Contact Sprague If A Bed Bug Is Reported

Contact us immediately if a bed bug is reported by either staff or a guest.  In most cases, Sprague’s bed bug canine inspection team can be onsite within 24 hours to determine if bed bugs have been introduced onto your property. 

How Do Bed Bugs Canine Inspections Work?

  1. Our dog and handler will check in with your designated contact person. Working from a room list, they will inspect rooms that are due for their regular bed bug canine inspection, rooms that have a history of bed bugs and any other areas suspected of being infested. A facility manager should be available to open rooms and provide assistance with residents, staff or guests.

  2. A thorough inspection of each room or area will be completed in approximately 2-3 minutes. Special attention will be given to areas where bed bugs are most likely to be found including:
    Behind bed headboard
    Mattress, box spring, and bed frame
    Night stand(s) including lamp(s), clock, telephone, etc.
    Carpet edges and baseboards especially near bed(s)
    Sofas or chairs used for sleeping or long periods of rest

  3. If our dog detects through scent that bed bugs are present, she will alert by sitting and ‘pointing’ (not barking).

  4. When an alert occurs, surrounding rooms, including those on floors above and below, should be made available to determine if the infestation has spread beyond the identified room.

  5. NESDECA LogoBed bug canine inspection services are structured around an hourly rate. If an infestation is discovered and it is necessary for our dog and her handler to spend extra time identifying the location of the infestation, this will impact their ability to inspect all the rooms or areas as planned. An additional service may be scheduled or the uninspected rooms may be placed on the room list for the next regular bed bug canine inspection service.

  6. Any positive alerts for bed bugs will be thoroughly documented by our canine handler.

  7. Once the service is complete, the handler will review the results with your facility manager. If no evidence of bed bugs was detected, the handler will review the plan for the next service, working to ensure that as many rooms as possible are inspected on a regular basis.

  8. For any positive alerts, the handler will coordinate the targeted inspection and treatment strategy with the Sprague Service team.

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