A Canine Bed Bug Inspection Testimonial

sprague's bed bug sniffing dog april

Learn about the Dehn family's personal story with bed bugs and how canine inspections helped them find peace of mind.

Date: September 16, 2010
Subject: Personal Experience with Sprague

What a pleasure to open the Oregonian this last week and see Eckhard Mueller and April on the cover of the Living section. There has been so much press lately about bed bugs, but Eckhard and April certainly deserve all the positive press possible.

We would like to take the opportunity to let you know about our personal experience with Eckhard and April. Eckhard was instrumental in allowing our family to close the chapter on our bed bug experience. While we have completely changed the way we travel, we are confident that our household is now bed bug free. That reassurance comes only through the inspections provided by this dynamic team.

We took a trip in December of 2009. Our experience, like many others, provided our first knowledge dealing with the misery of bed bugs. We did not know, until weeks after returning home, that we brought bed bugs home from Orlando. Through online research, we pieced together the reality of what we were dealing with. In fear, we stripped beds apart to the frame. Only through luck, we were able to locate a single bug. We captured, photographed the bug, and send it to another pest control company who confirmed our fears.

We hired the other pest control company based on online research and a reputable looking protocol detailed on their website. At the time, there was very little press regarding bed bugs. We educated ourselves as best we could through our own research. The competing company's work was right on regarding chemical treatment. The person who inspected found casings in the frame of the bed, but no other evidence. We treated rooms based only on recommendation and hope. We were constantly worried about the extent of the problem throughout our tri-level home and especially all the many bags of clothing, toys, and other possessions housed in our garage.

During treatment, we continued to experience bites. We now know this is common. However, our frustration led us to a local bed bug blogger who spoke of her experiences with your company, and specifically, the dog inspection. We immediately contacted Sprague and arranged for April to come for a visit.

Eckhard was amazing with us throughout the process. Directions were clear before his visit; he made us feel at ease regarding the process, and allowed our daughter to cozy up with April. In the inspection, April did have a hit on our bed. Eckhard explained in advance that a bed hit could indicate a problem in the frame or in the encasement. Because we were between our second and final chemical treatment, he suggested that it was likely located in the encasement. I cannot say enough about Eckhard's patience, explanation and demonstration of how April works, and willingness to take all the time we needed to feel reassured that the problem was contained. What a relief to cut open all the bags in the garage and have the opportunity for April to check those too.

A couple of months after Eckhard and April's visit and after the final chemical treatment, I again experienced bug bites of unknown origin. We invited Eckhard and April back for a follow up visit. April did not have a single hit. I was not overly concerned about what was biting me. We simply wanted to rule OUT bed bugs. It was well worth the expense to have the second visit.

We consider ourselves well educated now on the bed bug problem. We have changed the way we travel, what we look for, etc. We have spent much time discussing our experiences with family, friends, and coworkers. While the other pest control company did an adequate job of chemical treatment, we would go straight to the dog inspection if we ever had a concern in the future. Because of this, we have only mentioned Sprague in counseling others in the Portland area who have encountered possible bed bug concerns. We also see Sprague as a leader in the industry for the proactive use of heat treatment. Though we didn't need to use this process, we were ready to if the process persisted. We were happy with Sprague, but it was truly Eckhard and April who shined. We will always be thankful for the peace of mind that they were able to provide.

Please feel free to use our family as a reference for your company.


Emily and Steve Dehn