Bed Bug Heat Treatments

bed bug heat treatment equipment

Bed Bug Heat Treatments From Sprague

Thermal remediation is the most effective and greenest way to eliminate bed bugs. We're proud to be one of the first in Portland and Seattle as well as in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Utah to offer Heat Treatments as a solution to bed bugs.

The scientific principle behind Bed Bug Heat Treatments is simple but proven; raise the temperature of an infested area to 120 degrees to kill all life stages of bed bugs. Within a single 6-8 hour treatment, rooms can return to normal use, free of live bed bugs.

Sprague Pest Solutions Offers:

  • Experienced, dedicated and certified heat treatment teams

  • Service performed by bed bug pest management experts

  • Largest variety of heat equipment systems available

Benefits of Heat Treatments

  • Kills all life stages of bed bugs - adults, nymphs, and eggs with one treatment

  • Non-chemical, non-toxic approach penetrates wall cavities, mattresses and other hard to reach areas. Heat can be used alone or augmented with natural and organic insecticidal dusts applied to wall voids, under baseboards and other crevices conducive to bed bug activity

  • One day treatment process

  • No odor  

example of a bed bug heat treatment setup

    Bed Bug Heat Treatment Services are ideal for:

    • Apartments 

    • Condominiums 

    • Hotel Rooms 

    • Dormitories 

    • Assisted Living Facilities 

    • Office Buildings 

    • Shelters 

    • Affordable Housing

    How does it work?

    Once heat-sensitive items are removed from the room, our trained and certified bed bug service teams use specially designed heaters, high-powered fans and ducting to direct air flow to designated treatment areas. Clean, dry, odorless heat is used to create an environment lethal to bed bugs. Inside temperatures are monitored using digital equipment and temperature sensors to ensure temperature is maintained at levels that are lethal to bed bugs.

    Canine Confirmed

    After a Heat Treatment is performed, one of our certified Bed Bug Canines inspects to confirm the heat treatment's success. Learn more about our Bed Bug Dog Services.

    Compare Heat Treatments to Conventional Treatments:

    Heat Treatment

    Conventional Treatment

    100% Effective at eliminating all bed bugs

    Can be 100% effective but may take longer to achieve complete control

    Kills adults, nymphs and eggs

    Kills adults and nymphs, does not kill eggs

    1 Treatment

    Minimum of 3 Treatments Recommended

    Room released for normal use within 24 hours

    Room out of service or on 'watch' for approximately 6 weeks

    Non-chemical, non-toxic

    Intensive application

    Kills bugs inside mattresses, box springs

    Extensive steaming required, mattress covers required, bed bugs die over time

    Heat Treatment Home Preparation

    Certified Heat Teams

    Experience, training and technical competence matters when it comes to heat treatments. While bed bugs can be difficult to eradicate, they are not worth risking your home or property. Our heat treatment teams are certified in the safe and effective use of the heat equipment.