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Yes, we know you're out there, clamoring to get your hands on everything about bed bugs. We're here to support you! Below is a collection of articles, research and juicy details about Cimex lectularious. Check back on occasion for new bed bug resources.

 Some Quick Facts About Bed Bugs

  • Bed bugs feed on human blood, and come out a night to search for food while we are sleeping.  They do not like to travel far to find food, so they often hide in our beds, in mattress seams and under sheets.  This is where the name bed bug came from.
  • Bed bugs find people by their body temperatures and odors.
  • The average female bed bug lays 200 eggs in her lifetime, but can lay up to 500!

Bed Bug Information Clearinghouse

Bed Bug Information Clearinghouse US Environmental Protection Agency's Bed Bug Information Clearinghouse is to provide a “one-stop” location for communities throughout the country to exchange information and outreach materials on the control, detection and prevention of bed bugs. While there is no quick fix for bed bug infestations, having accurate information about bed bug control will help keep the public from over-applying or misusing pesticides. A more informed public is a better partner in the control, detection and prevention of bed bugs.

Bed Bug Articles

Joint Statement on Bed Bug Control in the United States from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

A Few Bed Bug Pictures

comforter infested with bed bugs in portland orfeeding bed bug in oregonsheets infested with bed bugs seattle wa

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