Bird Control

pigeon on the side of a building in boulder co

Effective Pest Bird Control Solutions In Denver, Pacific NW

If birds of a feather are sticking together around your building, you've come to the right place. Developed for businesses in the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain regions including Denver, Seattle, Portland and Salt Lake City, Sprague's permanent bird control program is based on mechanical exclusion and sanitation to remove attractive food sources. We use the latest, most effective products including landing deterrents, springwire, netting and traps.  Contact Sprague today to find out how we can help with your pest bird problems.

Nuisance Bird Control In Salt Lake City And The Pacific Northwest

There are solutions to nuisance birds and there's good reason to give us a call.

  • Avoid health risks resulting in sickness, infection and disease. Bird droppings contaminate food and water and release airborne spores that can be inhaled by clients and workers. They also carry disease-causing parasites such as fleas and ticks, and can cause serious slip and fall accidents.

  • Prevent hazards to product quality and sanitation. Birds flying inside buildings, processing plants, and storage facilities can contaminate food, ruin products, and result in inspection failures.

  • Preserve the aesthetic characteristics of your building. Evidence of birds can quickly damage a company's image. Droppings send a message of indifference, careless attention to details, and general disregard for the employees and customers who frequent the building, quickly damaging a company's brand.

  • Stop the physical damage to buildings, ventilation systems, machinery and more. If left to accumulate, bird droppings and nesting can be a costly problem. Nests block drainage systems and obstruct ventilation ducts. Bird droppings eat away at roofing materials.

Pest Bird Control Services In Denver, Seattle, Salt Lake City And Portland

  • Site-engineered designs for bird exclusion.

  • Installation by expert professionals trained in bird solutions.

  • Nearly invisible solutions that preserve your building’s functional and aesthetic characteristics.

  • Advanced bird exclusion techniques with the most effective, long-term protection against birds.

  • A commitment to quality service and protecting your reputation.

  • Maintenance programs to ensure the performance and integrity of your bird exclusion system.

Bird Control Solutions For:

 Airplane Hangars  High Rises  Parking Garages
 Amusement Parks  Hotels  Parks
 Apartment Buildings  Industrial Parks  Correctional Facilities
 Churches  Malls  Restaurants
 Convention Centers  Movie Theatres  Retail
 Government  Museums  Shopping Centers
 Grocery Stores  Office Buildings  Zoos
 Health Care Facilities    

Building Characteristics that Attract Birds

  • Open beam and corrugated roofing designs are ideal for nesting and loafing.

  • A garden area increases bird activity with desirable food plants (i.e. primroses) bird seed.

  • Water sources such as fountains and bird baths also attract birds.

  • Pest birds such as pigeons, are naturally more prevalent in agriculturally diverse areas. Farms, vineyards, rivers, ponds, landfills, food processors/packers and other factors may attract birds.

  • Flush-mounted signs, HVAC units and light-pole standards in a parking lot create convenient landing areas close to food and water sources.

  • Landscaping including trees and shrubs close to entrances create staging areas for birds on their way into a facility.

Bird Prevention Tips

  1. Birds are attracted to a site for food, water, shelter, nesting and loafing. Limiting availability of these attractants will help prevent bird activity.

  2. Keep doors closed, especially in areas where birds are loafing or feeding. Leaving a door open near a dumpster is an open invitation to Sparrows.

  3. Do not allow birds to nest on a structure. Subsequent generations become habituated to the structure and are incredibly committed to a site, making them difficult to move.

Interesting Bird Fact

Research indicates that 40% of urban sparrows carry camphylobacter, the #1 cause of diarrhea in humans.

Did you know?

  • Inhaling bird feces can cause an incurable disease known as histoplasmosis, characterized by constant flu-like symptoms.

  • Nests in chimneys and vents can block the proper exhausting of carbon monoxide and moisture. This can cause hazardous build-up of carbon monoxide and mold.

  • Bacteria, parasites and baby bird carcasses in the nest will cause noticeable odor and potential health problems.