Fly Control And Prevention

house fly in a denver co restaurant

"The flies? I'm sorry. There's nothing we can do to get rid of them."

Not true! Don't be deceived by their small size - flies can create huge problems in any food environment! They easily irritate customers, distract employees and can quickly result in regulatory citations. They also carry bacteria and disease organisms, and contaminate food and otherwise clean environments. Flies are more than a nuisance, they can damage your brand.

Effective Fly Control In Denver, Portland, Tacoma

Let Sprague be your solution! In cooperation with you and your staff, we can implement a fly control program to specifically meet the needs of your establishment. Designed for commercial facilities experiencing fly problems in Denver, Portland, Seattle and Boise as well as throughout the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain regions, we use an integrated approach, employing multiple strategies for a long term solution.

Our fly program incorporates six different methods of control.

  1. Sanitation Most flies are dependent on moisture and accumulated debris to breed and feed. We compliment your current sanitation efforts with proven strategies to eliminate these fly-friendly environments. Make sure you read about our BioSolutions programs.

  2. Insect Light Traps Specific colors of light can attract flies to their own demise. Sprague offers a complete line of light traps that feature a glue board or electric current. Based on the specific structural or environmental parameters at your facility, we will consult with you on model selection, placement and maintenance to insure that you receive the best results. There are many insect light trap models - some scientifically AND field proven to be more effective than others. We will select the right model to control adult flies in your facility.

  3. Biological Control Letting nature take its course can be an effective and environmentally-friendly method of fly control. Parasites and predators and beneficial microbes are often used in our programs to naturally diminish fly populations.

  4. Baiting Baits have proven to be an effective means of fly control. There are many varieties available and based upon our careful inspection of your facility, we will select the most appropriate bait to address your fly problem.

  5. Mechanical Traps When it comes to fly control, some people find it hard to believe that mechanical traps can positively contribute to a successful control program. They can! Strategically placed mechanical traps can provide protection from nuisance flies without chemical application.

  6. Target Treatment Areas For flies, the conditions around dumpster compounds, trash and recycling areas are just too good to be true. They provide ideal harborage areas and are typically moist. Drive-through windows and areas around frequently open doors and windows can be addressed with targeted treatments to reduce the overall population of exterior fly problems before they venture indoors.

Don’t Ignore Your Company’s Fly Problem!

Flies are not easy to ignore when you understand the risks they inflict on businesses, your patrons and employees. Contact Sprague for fly control solutions.