Green, Organic And Environmental Responsibility

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Green Pest Control

At the heart of Sprague Pest Solutions is a passionate commitment to make the world a better place. We do this by taking care of our clients - making your world better, easier, safer and healthier - and it makes sense to us that this should be accomplished in a way that respects our environment.  Our green pest services are available for commercial clients throughout our service region

Quality Pro Green LogoOur Environmental Philosophy 

The Sprague Team will enhance our environment by developing and delivering pest solutions that work in harmony with the natural ecology while adding value to health and property. Our actions will positively contribute to the communities we serve. What we do now will improve the quality of life today and tomorrow.

But what does this mean? How does it guide our service delivery? How does it influence the solutions we provide our clients? How does it steer us toward the smartest material choices with the least environmental impact?

That's where our Environmental Responsibility Initiative comes in. We welcome you to take a look at how we think and to discover some of the qualities that other environmentally-minded companies have recognized in our approach.

Pest Prevention with a Conscience

Our service strategy is aggressive, leverages an exhaustive arsenal of pest prevention tools, and combines innovative materials with intelligence to target pests at their source. Our preference is to deliver results without disrupting your operations, without requiring costly prep or cleanup time, and without putting you, your staff, your customers or the environment at risk. With Sprague Pest Solutions, delivering pest-free results takes on a whole different meaning.

Environmental Responsibility, a "green" approach, requires adherence to a philosophy centered on careful stewardship of the environment and is essential to the success of our own organization and those of our clients. To that end, Sprague operates with three guiding principles of pest prevention:

  • We take specific, proactive actions to solve pest issues within the context of our natural ecology, even in the absence of regulatory mandates.
  • We seek to use the most permanent solutions with the least amount of material, waste and disruption to the environment.
  • We aggressively explore and implement alternatives, innovation, technology and advances in materials and methodology to reduce or replace pesticide use and support the sustainability of the earth.

These principles guide us in our pest management decisions and strategies geared to protect the safety and health of our clients and their employees, and to help preserve the integrity of our clients' brands.

Our Strategy

On every service, for every client, Sprague emphasizes quality, food safety, collaboration and respect for the environment. We provide Integrated Pest Prevention (IPP) based on a culture committed to knowledge, a foundation of innovation, and a core value of improving the world today and into the future. As such, our Pest Prevention Environmental Responsibility Initiative is a five-step process.

1. Client Collaboration. Pest prevention and environmentally responsible solutions require thoughtful dialogue, a committed partnership and ongoing communication. Sprague's history and experience with our clients demonstrate that the most effective initiatives are those that have been a collaborative effort between our team and our clients' teams. From this collaboration, aggressive, innovative and proactive IPP strategies can take shape.

2. Advanced Education. Learning occurs when people adjust performance based on new information. As a central component in Sprague's Environmental Responsibility Initiative, education is critical for both our co-workers and our customers:

Sprague Accountability: Sprague holds itself accountable to the best interests of its clients, developing and continually improving our environmentally responsible IPP service program through our commitment to continuous learning. By developing individual expertise in our service team, Sprague stays on the leading edge of technology, establishes guidance and stewardship, and can change course with new methods, materials and programs that reduce our impact on the environment.

Client Training: This technical expertise along with the expertise demonstrated by our industry leadership, QualityPro designation, placement in PCT Magazine's "Top 100" pest organizations, and Crown Leadership awards  makes Sprague uniquely qualified to bring specialized pest prevention and management training to our clients. Our distance-learning, e-learning and customized learning opportunities help further reduce the need for material applications for our clients.

3. Proactive Prevention. Prevention is creating conditions that make it difficult for pests to survive and prosper. Prevention is the single most effective way of protecting health and safety and preserving our natural ecology. To develop the best prevention program for your facility, our service specialists inspect your property, then work with you to customize a program based on sanitation, maintenance and environmental modifications, and incorporate exclusion, trapping or physical removal as needed to control pests without the use of pesticides.

While Sprague's first response is to provide immediate relief to any pest issue, the core of our preventive approach is centered on using smarter alternatives to pesticide applications, providing permanent solutions rather than chemical-based programs that, in reality, provide only temporary relief from pests. In fact, we meet regularly with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to discuss trends, issues and environmentally responsible solutions.

4. Selective Solutions. Materials chosen for use in client facilities are selected according to greatest efficacy with least environmental impact. In order to leave as small an environmental footprint as possible, we give preference to naturally occurring materials and processes (such as boric acid, diatomaceous earth, naturally occurring microbes, predators and parasites, and bioremediation). Since these materials come from the earth, we are merely using them and not creating anything new to be added to the environment.

When equally effective, we choose the material and method which best meet the guidelines for Environmental Responsibility and remain within the framework nature gave us. When pesticide applications are required to address a specific pest issue, we:

  • Choose products and applications that are effective and low risk; low-odor, low-volatility and non-permanent; and naturally ecological.
  • Strive to reduce waste by using environmentally friendly methods which keep material out of the environment.
  • Give preference to materials and application methods that are target specific, minimizing non-target risk.
  • Prioritize partnerships with product manufacturers committed to sustainability and the environment.
  • Make absolutely no "routine" pesticide applications.
  • Target breeding sources to eliminate all insect stages with the least pesticide and reduce the amount of exposure to the environment.
  • Use non-threatening materials (such as insect light traps) wherever possible to control insects with the least environmental impact.

5. Sustainable Stewardship Leveraging technical expertise, monitoring program efficacy, and collaborating with clients enables innovative strategies to ensure the most effective, most environmentally sound service at each facility. Sprague's dedication to sustainability and operational efficiency has fueled development of our proprietary RapidTrax electronic data collection system. As it documents service, this system provides an efficient method of tracking product usage as well as non-chemical applications to ensure that we live up to our environmental commitments in every facility. In addition, RapidTrax's specialized exception reporting, issue tracking and pest activity trending can be used to address deficiencies that may contribute to pest activity and drive forward long-term, permanent solutions to pest issues.

Our Commitment

Sprague's commitment to Environmental Responsibility sets it as a guiding principle of our business by which we establish, monitor and measure service standards, and apply resources to aggressively seek alternatives to lessen the environmental impact of all pest prevention initiatives by Sprague, our co-workers and our clients.

This means taking specific, proactive actions to solve pest issues within the context of our natural ecology; using the most permanent, effective solutions with the least environmental impact; and aggressively exploring and implementing alternatives, innovation, technology and advances to reduce or replace pesticide use and support the sustainability of the earth.

Above all, it means protecting the safety and health of our clients, their employees and their customers, and preserving the integrity of our clients' brands.  To learn more about our green pest control for cities throughout the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain regions, please contact us today.