Distribution And Storage

dozens of shipping crates on a loading dock that could be infested with pests

Pest Control For Distribution And Storage Facilities

We are committed to developing a pest management partnership with our distribution and storage clients to ensure the quality, value, and safety of the products stored in your Seattle or Portland facility. The protection of your employees and the environment are equally important. Our skills in pest management and prevention have resulted in the elimination of the toughest infestations and the preservation of millions of dollars of product and property.  We service commercial storage facilities in Washington, Oregon, and throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Protect Your Product From Pests In Denver

Outside of distribution, storage and warehouse facilities, pests find a variety of environments conducive to their survival. They multiply freely and for many reasons, find their way into your business. There they wreak havoc - finding more places to infest, destroying product, spreading filth and even disease. There are a variety of pests that cause problems in Denver, Eugene and Salt Lake City commercial facilities, such as rodents, pigeons, and cockroaches.

Solutions For Your Pest Problems

Using an integrated approach to tackle your immediate needs, we provide a solution to the problem. But our service to you is only beginning. Sprague's unique BrandSmart PestTM Prevention approach focuses on working with our clients to develop prevention strategies for long term solutions. We offer a variety of services for distribution, storage and warehouse clients. Contact us to find out more.

Insect Control Programs

  • Ants

  • Cockroaches

  • Spiders

  • Stored Food Pests

Commensal Rodents Programs

  • House Mouse

  • Norway Rat

  • Roof Rat

Other services are also available: