Education And Maintenance

student desk in a denver school infested with pests

Pest Control For Schools, Day Care, Colleges and Universities

Many clients have combined our professional pest control service with their own in-house maintenance program. This is often the case with schools, day cares and colleges and universities. By teaming up with client personnel, we are able to deliver an effective solution with strategies designed to accomplish a mutual goal - eliminate the immediate pest issues and develop strategies for long term prevention.

Protect Your Students And Staff From Pest Problems

Insects and rodents are common pests in educational facilities. Mice, rats, cockroaches, and other insects are known to spread many different diseases.  Sprague's proven control measures involve the use of Integrated Pest Management techniques, with a variety of traps, baits and, if absolutely necessary, preventive treatments. Talk with your Sprague Sales Associate for additional information about our pest management and prevention programs.

Customized Protection For Your School

At Sprague we offer customized pest solutions for your educational facility or other commercial property.  Our services compliment your in-house maintenance program and are designed to protect your students, staff and guests from pest pressures including bed bugs, cockroaches, flies and mice. For more information on our pest control for schools and other educational or commercial facilities in Denver, Boise, Portland and Seattle, please contact us today.  At Sprague we service schools, colleges and universities throughout the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain regions including in Idaho, Colorado, Oregon, Utah, and Washington.

LEED® Certified Pest Programs

Do you have a LEED® Certified building on campus? Obtaining LEED certification is an accomplishment and we understand how every credit counts. Ask about our program specifically for LEED® certified buildings.