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Pest Control For Organic Certified Environments

Tackling pests using strategies appropriate for organically-certified environments in Denver, Portland, and throughout the surrounding regions requires a unique way of looking at pest issues. An emphasis on pest prevention is critical. Sprague's programs work to enhance the quality, value, and safety of our client's products, while protecting your employees and our environment.

Protect Your Organic Food Product From Pest Pressures

While you might expect us to tell you that we have special programs specifically for organic environments, the fact of the matter is, BrandSmart Pest Prevention is our core focus, and by definition it is ideal for organic environments. BrandSmart Pest Prevention requires that we implement proactive strategies that prevent pests from occurring and if pests already exist in a facility, then we only use treatment methods that are safe for use in that particular environment. It's how we do business every day.

Solutions For Your Organically-Certified Facility In Denver

Five basic types of control measures are used in our standard programs that are also used in organically-certified facilities or areas requiring biological control methods.

Sanitation - Sanitation controls existing infestations, makes baits and traps more effective and allows organic insecticides to be successful.

Mechanical Control - Traps, vacuuming, barriers (caulking), mechanical exclusion (screening), using air currents and manipulating environmental factors such as temperature and humidity are all mechanical methods used to control pests.

Cultural Control - This involves changing the habits or behaviors of people to reduce infestations. For example, changing cleaning schedules to prevent the accumulation of products or training employees to clean spills as soon as they occur.

Biological Control - This technique utilizes biological organisms or their byproducts to control pests. Examples include beneficial bacteria, parasitic wasps for fly control or fungi for cockroach control.

Chemical Control - The correct and safe use of appropriate pesticides may constitute a portion of our organic programs. We follow a strict program in partnership with your personnel and certifying agency to ensure our material selection remains in compliance with the USDA's National Organics Program.

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Sprague's services are designed to be sensitive to the certification needs of organic facilities. Contact us for additional information or to arrange a consultation at your facility.  With service centers throughout Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Idaho, and Utah, including locations in Eugene, Boise, and Denver, Sprague Pest Solutions is ready to assist you with comprehensive pest solutions designed specifically for your organically-certified facility.