Food Retail and Grocery

woman shopping in a denver supermarket protected from pests with sprague

Pest Control For Food Retail And Grocery Stores In Denver

Sprague's food retail and grocery programs have the primary objective of protecting your customers by ensuring the quality, value, and safety of your products.

Pests included in our Food Retail and Grocery programs include cockroaches, ants (excluding carpenter and Pharaoh), spiders (on interior), flies and monitoring for stored product pests.

Comprehensive Pest Solutions For Grocery Stores And Retail Food

The most successful programs have an integrated strategy that includes at least two or more of the following control measures.

  • Sanitation - the removal of food and water sources stress pest populations and make traps and baits more effective.
  • Mechanical Control - traps, barriers (caulking), mechanical exclusion (screening), using air currents and manipulation of environmental factors (temperature, humidity).
  • Cultural Control - altering habits or behaviors of people to reduce infestations 
  • Biological Control - using biological organisms such as beneficial bacteria to digest debris from hard to clean areas, aquatic breeding insects, parasitic wasps for fly control or fungi for cockroach control, can be very effective methods. 
  • Chemical Control - the correct and safe use of pesticides may be used to correct a pest infestation.

Servicing Food Retail And Grocery Programs In The Pacific Northwest

Control and prevention of pest infestations are accomplished with a cooperative effort between store and Sprague personnel. Sanitation, building maintenance, and store procedures all play a critical role in the effectiveness of the program and your employees can directly influence these conditions.  Whether you live in Denver, Salt Lake City, Tacoma, or Eugene, Sprague has a commercial pest control program in your location.  Our service area includes Washington, Oregon, Utah, Idaho, and Colorado Contact us today to find out more information on the services available in your area.

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