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Pest Protection For Your Luxury Home Or Vacation Property

Sprague specializes in the quality of pest control service and attention to detail you expect from your finest service providers.   We’ll protect your home, vacation property or condo from mice, spiders, ants, bees and other pests with a proactive pest control maintenance program. Our local service specialists will meet one-on-one with you or your property manager to customize a program specifically for your unique property.

Don’t Let Mice And Other Pests Rob You Of Your Quality Of Life

We'll design an inspection program that targets areas conducive to pest activity, than identify the preventative measures that will keep pests in their natural environment away from your residence. Action plans to address pest activity will begin with a careful evaluation of all methods, including green and non-toxic approaches to pest control.   

At Sprague we offer pest control for luxury and vacation homes in Sun Valley, Denver, Bellevue, and throughout our service area.  Our services target a variety of insects and rodents including:

Services range from preventative treatments to tri-annual maintenance programs and may include insect light traps, spider web removal and bee nest removal as well as treatments to reduce insect activity that attracts spiders, rodent trapping, proactive monitoring and exclusion.  Ask about a maintenance program for year-around protection!

Additional Pest Services

Why choose Sprague Pest Solutions?

Online Access  Convenient, online access to your service details is available at no additional charge. Online payment options and helpful e-mail notifications deliver your invoice and service reports electronically. E-mail alerts warn you when pest activity reaches a predetermined threshold.

Quality People, Quality Service  We rigorously screen and background check all pest service specialists to ensure only the most trusted individuals provide service to your home. Our discreet, professional service specialists are state licensed and protect your reputation, health and property from pests. Dedicated Quality Assurance Inspectors monitor service performance to our stringent quality standards.

Local Technical Expertise  Our local service team is knowledgeable about the biology and behaviors of pests in your neighborhood. This technical expertise is backed by rigorous training, verified learning through our online learning management system and the seasoned resources of our operations, science and management teams.

North American Reach  While we claim the Northwest as our home, we also are a Copesan Partner, capable of serving locations throughout North America. If you own or manage property beyond Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah or Colorado, please ask us about Copesan.

QualityPro Approved  Sprague has met the qualifications of the National Pest Management Association's QualityPro program, the mark of excellence in pest management. 

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