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BrandSmartTM Pest Prevention For Luxury And Vacation Homes

Customers have high standards when it comes to pest management and expect pest-free experiences. One sighting of a cockroach, rodent or a few flies may spoil an otherwise pleasant situation. Sprague understands this. We recognize pest management is critical to health and well-being of your family and guests and requires special knowledge and expertise. That's why Sprague created BrandSmartTM, an exclusive pest management and prevention program that protects the health, property and reputation of home owners and property managers.

Don't let pests rob you of your reputation.

BrandSmartTM Pest Prevention

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BrandSmartTM Advantage

Unlike any other program on the market, BrandSmartTM delivers a powerful combination of benefits.

  • Pest Prevention proactively eliminates pest-friendly conditions before they risk health, safety and property. 
  • Brand Protection protects your reputation and supports our desire for a long-term business partnership. 
  • Environmental Stewardship drives methods and techniques that minimize the environmental footprint of our services.

Beyond Integrated Pest Management

Sprague delivers solutions for our clients with long-term protection against risk. We believe this approach is an improvement over traditional Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs. Typical IPM programs are reactive in nature, addressing existing pest issues that have already placed your home at risk. BrandSmartTM, offered exclusively by Sprague Pest Solutions, is a proactive strategy that modifies the factors that allow pests to exist. It prevents pest populations from developing to a point where they pose a risk to health and property. BrandSmartTM blends the benefits of multiple pest management techniques to address pre-existing pest populations and multiple pest prevention methods to guard your facility against on-going threats. This synergy allows our services to protect your home while minimizing our environmental footprint.

BrandSmartTM Pest Prevention includes:

  • Inspection
  • Sanitation
  • Mechanical Control
  • Cultural Control
  • Material use only when required and when other alternatives have been exhausted.
  • On-going Evaluation

Pest Solutions with a Green Conscience

Working to limit the environmental footprint of our services, Sprague combines innovation with intelligence to target pests at their source. We seek permanent solutions through prevention, exclusion and sanitation and work continuously to reduce and eliminate the use of pesticides. Service strategies are based on specific guidelines for green pest management as defined in our Environmental Philosophy. This BrandSmart approach enables our clients and employees to be progressive stewards of the environment.

Relationships Matter

Relationships do matter, especially in business. BrandSmartTM draws on our culture of personalized service and account management with benefits that build strong relationships and drive results.

  • Guaranteed service follow-up and issue resolution
  • Strategic account teams mobilize and coordinate extensive local, regional and national resources
  • Proactive communication and detailed documentation
  • Service delivery synchronized with the goals and objectives of your property

Consistent Quality for Single, Multiple Locations

Your family and guests will benefit from our ability to deliver pest-free experiences in single or multiple locations with regional resources you can rely on. You can count on our team of locally-based service personnel and specialized Sprague University training to drive consistent, high quality service.

Communication and Documentation

It's nice to meet you. In fact, we think it's critical to the success of your program. We meet with our clients before and after each service to learn how changes on your property might affect our service. We also report out on what we discovered and what we did to resolve and prevent pest-related issues. Clear communication allows you to make informed decisions about your pest program.

Sprague's electronic reporting system provides a wide range of options for communication, documentation, and monitoring of your program's effectiveness. Electronic service reports capture essential details including pest activity, types of pests, sanitation and structural deficiencies, materials used and pest activity trending. Web-based data allows designated client employees to access service details on a secured site, view trend reports and generate customized summary reports.

Scientific Expertise

The largest team of technical pest experts in the Northwest and Intermountain regions is at your service. Respected throughout our industry as innovators and leaders in pest management and prevention, this team provides Sprague's service professionals with the experience, knowledge, technology and training required to keep your home, vacation rental or condo free of pests.

Global Perspective, Local Delivery

Sprague's BrandSmartTM service approach is complimented by a sense of urgency and unmatched ability to respond quickly to your service needs. In addition to our local, hometown expertise, we bring the resources of a global organization. Through Copesan, Sprague fulfills the service needs of businesses with locations throughout North America.

Copesan is an alliance of premier pest management companies that are united as a single entity to deliver quality pest solutions to clients throughout North America. Sprague is the Copesan Partner in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah and Montana.

Sprague Pest Solutions focuses exclusively on serving single and multi-location clients in the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain regions. Since 1926, our family-owned pest control company has delivered uncompromising service with passion, dedication, professionalism and reliable results.