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Pest Control For Restaurants

Whether in Denver, Colorado, Portland, Oregon, or Seattle, Washington, restaurants have a variety of environments - each with their own potential for pest infestation. Sprague's unique style of service enables us to deliver unparalleled pest control service throughout the food service industry. 

Protect Your Restaurant From Pest Problems

Our restaurant programs always begin with a careful inspection of the facility. We then develop a service program that includes prevention strategies and specific steps for correcting the problem. Services might include insect control, rodent control, BioSolutions in the kitchens, sanitation training, building maintenance recommendations, food safety recommendations or even nuisance bird control.

Communication is critical. General managers, shift managers, and chefs all need to know what is happening with the pest management program. This teamwork will ensure every issue is addressed and every person is in the loop.

Pest solutions for restaurants include:

Effective Pest Control In Denver And Across The Pacific Northwest

Sprague recognizes the sensitive needs of restaurant industry. Contact us to learn more about how we can be of service to you.  Our pest management services are available for restaurants in Boulder, Boise, Portland, Salt Lake City and Seattle, as well as throughout the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain regions.

Tips From Sprague Pest Solutions


"On-call" pest management services typically cost more in the long run than on-going, preventative programs. As soon as pests are on site, they damage property, create health risks, and quickly ruin an otherwise pleasant experience for your guests. Infestations grow quickly in days, not weeks. Proactively handling conditions that attract pests and allow them to thrive on your property can save significant amounts of money when compared with reactive control services. Also, service companies strive to be efficient by pre-scheduling service visits within a route. We can charge less for regularly scheduled services because we will already be servicing other accounts in your area.

 TIP 2

Who is "in-the-loop" on your pest prevention strategy? Pest Prevention is most successful when the left hand knows what the right hand is trying to accomplish. Save hassles, money, and delays in getting your pest issues resolved by forming a Pest Prevention team including the General Manager and Head Chef. Communication will ensure that one person doesn't accidentally "reverse" a solution put in place by another person and your pest management company.