Mating Disruption

indian meal moths in a denver restaurant

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The Alternate Choice To ULV Treatments And Fumigation

Moth season is cancelled! Our experience in delivering solutions for stored product moths guarantees you receive proactive service with sustained results. Our Mating Disruption program for moth activity is designed to reduce the need for pesticide applications and diminish moth populations.

  • Alternative choice to ULV treatments or fumigation

  • Reduce reliance on pesticide application. Average insect activity can be sustained at or below levels typically achieved through conventional treatment methods.

  • Utilizes a sophisticated, intensive placement strategy of pheromone lures and oviposition traps with synchronized replacement and monitoring efforts.

Mating disruption services compliment your existing BrandSmart Pest™ Prevention programs and insect monitoring services and will help protect your facility from:

  • food processing moths found in denver and portlandAlmond moths

  • Cocoa moths

  • Indian meal moths

  • Mediterranean flour moths

  • Tobacco moths

This program is appropriate for clients who can tolerate low levels of activity and wish to reduce pesticide risk. In some cases, mating disruption services have enabled clients to limit or eliminate ULV treatments or fumigations.

If reducing pesticide risk and sustaining low activity levels is a priority for your food processing or warehousing facility, as well as elsewhere in our service area, contact your Sprague Pest Solutions Account Manager for more information.

Mating Disruption Is Ideal For:

  • Seed Production

  • Food Processing

  • Food Warehouses

  • Grain Storage

  • Raw Agricultural Commodities

  • Certified Organic Operations

Mating disruption services take advantage of instinctual moth behavior and work to prevent sharp increases in moth populations during seasons typically characterized by high levels of activity. Sprague is the only company in Denver, Portland, Seattle, and throughout Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah and Colorado delivering BrandSmart Pest™ Prevention service and mating disruption techniques.

About the studies...

Clients experiencing seasonal upswings in Indian meal Moth and Mediterranean Flour Moth activity were selected. Mating disruption services were implemented. Studies resulted in low-level averages of insect activity over the course of the season. The need for pesticides was reduced in all scenarios and in some cases, the need for ULV treatments or fumigations was eliminated.