Stored Product Pests

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Stored Product Pests: Control And Prevention

Stored Product Pests can wreak havoc on your inventory, destroying property and costing you money. They are common in grocery stores, mills, processing plants and bulk storage facilities throughout Boulder, Salt Lake City, and the Pacific Northwest.

These bugs come in a variety of shapes and are typically found in slow-moving products, or inventory that is not moved often. The ideal temperature for their development is at 900 F. They develop poorly around 700 F. -- all the more reason to store products at cooler temperatures.

Practicing good sanitation, properly rotating inventory (first in, first out) and keeping storage below 600 F will help in the fight against Stored Product Pests.

Sprague offers solutions to get rid of your Stored Food Pests as well as regular monitoring services to ensure that as soon as stored food pests are detected, treatment strategies can be implemented before the issue gets out of hand.

Contact Sprague to develop your pest management strategy for Stored Product Pests.

Common Stored Food Pests

Confused Flour Beetle: Common to flour and milled grain products. 

Sawtooth Beetle: Prefers chocolate, nuts and pet food, common in candy manufacturing facilities.

Indian Meal Moth: Attracted to dried fruits, nuts, grain products and bird seed. Most noticeable because they fly and they produce webbing in the product they infest.

Protect Your Brand With Sprague Pest Solutions

Sprague Pest Solutions offers unparalleled protection from pantry pests with our BrandSmart™ Pest Advantage program, providing pest prevention and brand protection, all while keeping environmental stewardship in mind.  Whether your company is located in DenverTacoma, Portland, Salt Lake City, or elsewhere in our service area, Sprague is the solution for your commercial pest control problems.  Contact us today for more information.