Residential Bed Bug Services

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Protect Your Home From Bed Bugs 

If you are worried about bed bugs biting your family, Sprague Pest Solutions can help.  We offer several bed bug treatments options that are designed to combat the increasing threat posed by bed bugs in residential dwellings in our service area including the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain regions.

Residential Bed Bug Control From Sprague

Although no program can guarantee bed bugs will not be introduced into your home, our bed bug services help to not only identify an infestation early but also eliminate this pest quickly and effectively.  

Preventive Treatments.  While we cannot prevent bed bugs from being introduced into your property, we can help to prevent infestations from spreading into other areas of your home.

Targeted Bed Bug Inspections.
  Targeted Inspections are extremely thorough and focus on all areas of a room where bed bugs are most likely to be found.  These inspections are reactive and scheduled on an as-needed basis.

Bed Bug Canine Inspections. 
K9 inspections are the quickest, smartest way to identify live bed bug odors. Learn more about how they work. Sprague is the first in our market to offer bed bug canine inspections.

Bed Bug Conventional Treatments.
  Successful control of bed bugs is dependent on an extremely thorough inspection and an application treatment of areas including but not limited to box spring(s), upholstered furniture, behind electrical outlets and switch plates, behind baseboards, under carpet, behind wall coverings, inside walls, and every other area that could be a potential harborage of bed bugs.

Bed Bug Heat Treatments.
  Thermal remediation is the most effective and greenest way to eliminate bed bugs.  Learn more about our bed bug heat treatments.

Mattress and Box Spring Protective Covers. 
Mattresses and box spring covers provide a number of benefits that help to protect you and prevent bed bugs from becoming established (or re-established) in mattresses and box springs.  Mattresses and box springs are some of the most likely places to become infested and they can be difficult to treat effectively unless you heat treat them.  The covers are a recommended alternative to treating mattresses and box springs with pesticides.

Don’t Let Bed Bugs Keep You Up At Night

If bed bugs have become a problem in your home or you simply want to be proactive in combating bed bug infestations, Sprague Pest Solutions offers residential bed bug control.  Please contact your local Sprague service center for information on where we service and more details.

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