Residential Rodent Control

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Are Mice And Rats A Problem In Your Home?

Don’t let your home go to the mice.  At Sprague Pest Solutions our rodent control program is designed to get rid of mice, rats and other commensal rodents by strategically targeting any immigrating pests quickly and efficiently. Commensal rodents include the House Mouse, Norway Rat and Roof Rat.

Protect Your Family And Home with Effective Rodent Control

Our program begins with a thorough inspection for droppings and other signs of mice and rats.  Based on our assessment of your property we’ll install rodent control devices such as:

  • bait stations
  • multiple catch traps
  • single catch traps

Once we’ve eliminated existing rodent infestations, we’ll also work with you to implement measures that discourage and prevent future rodent problems in and around your home including sealing rodent entry points and removing food, water and harborage.  

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At Sprague we offer rodent control in Denver and throughout our coverage area.  Please contact your local Sprague service center to learn more about residential rodent control in your area.