Stored Product Pests

stored product pests

Don’t Let Stored Product Pests Kick You Out Of The Kitchen

Often introduced on already infested items, Stored Product Pests can wreak havoc on your pantry, contaminating flour and other stored food items and costing you money. Also known as pantry pests, these bugs come in a variety of shapes and are typically found in products that sit on grocery store shelves including cereals, dried fruits, nuts, grain products, pet food, and bird seed.   Common stored pests include:

  • Confused Flour Beetle

  • Cigarette Beetle

  • Drugstore Beetle

  • Indian Meal Moth

  • Sawtooth Beetle

Control And Prevent Stored Product Pests With Sprague

Inspecting items before purchasing will help in the fight against Stored Product Pests, as will practicing good sanitation and keeping storage areas cooler than 60°.  If you’ve already noticed bugs crawling in your pantry, contact Sprague Pest Solutions.  Sprague offers effective pest control in Denver, and throughout our service area.  If activity is found during our inspection, our pest control professionals will get rid of stored food pests in your kitchen before the issue gets out of hand.