Seattle SR 99 Tunnel

SR 99 Tunnel Project Shaking Up Seattle Pests

Businesses near the SR 99 Viaduct and up the hills of Seattle already battle rats, mice and roaches on a regular basis. With tunnel construction underway,sr 99 tunnel pest impact zone pests are scrambling for new places to hide, feed, contaminate and damage. Business owners are taking a fresh look at their property’s pest defense plan to protect against Norway Rats, Roof Rats, Mice and Roaches.  We've already seen increased rodent activity. Since October, 2012, we've seen an 83% increase in rat and mouse captures, so business owners must be proactive!

Proactive Businesses Will Weather the Storm 

Construction and urban renewal is a part of life in a thriving metropolitan city like Seattle, but a project as large as the SR 99 Tunnel is going to have a major impact on our pest population. Pest management programs that have effectively protected your buildings are going to need reinforcement and not just for a few weeks. The Alaska Way Viaduct replacement project is expected to continue until late 2015 according to the WSDOT website Being proactive will save you time, money, hassles and potentially major problems if you take steps now to protect your business and your customers.

Get Rid Of Rats And Protect Your Reputation

Pests need access to food, water and shelter to survive. Limiting just one of these will cause them to leave. Prevention is the key to your pest program. Your Sprague Service Specialist can recommend steps you can take today to keep pests from infesting your building, risking the health and safety of your employees and turning away visitors and customers.

follow sven the norway ratPest Prevention Tips

  • Seal all possible pest entry points.

  • Clean up spills, food, loose trash.

  • Keep refuse area clean.

  • Repair leaky pipes, building damage quickly.

  • Be vigilant!

Will History Repeat Itself? Oh, yes.

Seattle has been around this block before. Years ago when buildings were demolished to be replaced by high rise towers like the Columbia Center, rodent and insect activity surged. Sprague veterans remember hauling away rodents by the bucket-load from areas in and around these project sites. When the Seattle Bus Tunnel construction occurred in the late 1980's, businesses who never had rat problems before quickly became infested. The bus tunnel was smaller than the SR 99 project and the rat problems in the city at that time were not even close to what they are today. More recently, who can forget when the King Dome came down? SODO businesses turned to Sprague for help as rat, mice and cockroach activity sky rocketed.

did you know...We're In This Together, Seattle!

There are smart ways to prevent pests, keep our community safe and protect the city we love! That's why we are teaming up with local businesses and community groups to spread the word about pest prevention during the SR 99 Tunnel project. 

Need a guest speaker for your next meeting? Our pest experts are available! Find out how to protect your business from rats, mice and insects during the SR 99 Tunnel project.

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SR 99 Project Updates

For SR 99 Alaskan Way Viaduct Replacement updates, visit the WSDOT.

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