Our tech’s top tips for dealing with spiders in your home

Spiders are one of the most feared pests, but it helps to think that they are actually beneficial. They eat other nuisance bugs!

That said, no one wants spiders in their home. When I visit a client’s home, the first thing I do is ask questions and perform an inspection. Spiders behave predictably and I recommend several things to homeowners.

  • Make sure you thoroughly vacuum every nook and cranny. Disturbing their webs discourages them from nesting there.
  • If you can, keep items away from the wall.
  • Also make sure you pick up your clutter and don’t keep things piled up. Spiders love little nooks and crannies.
  • Regularly clean your light fixtures. Bugs are attracted to light and spiders are attracted to bugs… I think you can figure out the rest from there.

The best spider prevention technique is a tri-annual perimeter spray. Make your spray even more powerful by power washing the house if possible – a spray on clean surface lasts longer.

Have a Sprague technician perform an inspection or tri-annual treatment at home or business. We proudly serve Denver, Salt Lake City, Seattle, Portland, the entire Pacific Northwest and Intermountain Regions

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