Rodent Control

large rat in boulder colorado

Commensal Rodents: Mice and Rats

Sprague's rodent control program is designed to insure that commensal rodents (mice and rats) do not infest a facility and strategically targets any immigrating pests quickly and efficiently. Commensal rodents include the House Mouse, Norway Rat and Roof Rat.

Our program begins with a thorough inspection for rat or mouse activity (droppings, damage, etc.) During a typical service, this is followed by careful documentation, the replenishment of rodent baits and the maintenance of rodent control devices. Rodent control devices include bait stations, multiple catch traps, single catch traps and glue boards.  If you are having problems with mice or rats at your Denver, Portland, Seattle, or Salt Lake City business, contact Sprague Pest Solutions today!

The Northwest’s Most Effective Rodent Control

Through Integrated Pest Prevention strategies, we work with our clients to dramatically reduce the potential for future problems. Proper sanitation practices and building maintenance are directly related to our prevention efforts. Sealing rodent entry points and stressing the reservoir population outside of a facility by removing food, water and harborage are effective examples of prevention methods.

Sprague's Rodent Control & Prevention

To learn more about our proven rodent control program and prevention strategies available in Portland,Oregon; Seattle, Washington; Salt Lake City, Utah; Boise, Idaho; and Denver, Colorado, as well as throughout our pest control service area, please contact us today.