Residential Bird Control

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Don’t Let Pest Bird Take Up Residence In Your Denver Home

At Sprague Pest Solutions we understand that pest birds are not only a nuisance when they take up residence in or around your home, they have the ability to create an unattractive mess with their feces and expose your family to health problems.  In fact research indicates that 40% of urban sparrows carry camphylobacter, the #1 cause of diarrhea in humans. If you are concerned about pigeons and other birds reducing the value of your home, creating costly repairs and introducing parasites and disease onto your property, you've come to the right place. Sprague's permanent bird control program is based on mechanical exclusion and sanitation to remove attractive food sources. We use the latest, most effective products including landing deterrents, springwire, netting and traps.  Available in Denver, Seattle and Portland as well as other markets, contact your local Sprague service center to learn more about our pest bird control in your area.

Why Are Birds Attracted To Your Home?

  • Open beams and corrugated roofing designs are ideal for nesting and loafing.

  • A garden area increases bird activity with desirable food plants (i.e. primroses) bird seed.

  • Water sources such as fountains and bird baths also attract birds.

  • Pest birds such as pigeons are naturally more prevalent in agriculturally diverse areas. Neighboring Farms, vineyards, rivers, ponds, landfills, food processors/packers and other factors may attract birds.

  • Landscaping including trees and shrubs close to entrances create staging areas for birds on their way into a facility.

Protect Your Home And Family From Pigeons And Pest Birds

Don't let anyone tell you that there is nothing you can do do to prevent birds from damaging your home; there are solutions to nuisance birds and there's good reason to give Sprague a call.

  • Avoid health risks resulting in sickness, infection and disease. Bird droppings contaminate food and water and release airborne spores that can be inhaled by family and guests.  They also carry disease-causing parasites, fleas, and ticks.   

  • Preserve the aesthetic characteristics of your home. Evidence of birds can quickly damage the look of your property.

  • Stop the physical damage to your dwelling and outbuildings.  If left to accumulate, bird droppings and nesting can be a costly problem. Nests block drainage systems and obstruct ventilation ducts. Bird droppings eat away at roofing materials.

Why Should You Choose Sprague To Solve Your Bird Problem?

  • Installation by expert professionals trained in bird solutions.

  • Nearly invisible solutions that preserve your home’s functional and aesthetic characteristics.

  • Advanced bird exclusion techniques with the most effective, long-term protection against birds.

  • Maintenance programs to ensure the performance and integrity of your bird exclusion system.

Bird Prevention Tips

  1. Birds are attracted to a site for food, water, shelter, nesting and loafing. Limiting availability of these attractants will help prevent bird activity.

  2. Keep doors closed, especially in areas where birds are loafing or feeding. Leaving a door open near a dumpster is an open invitation to Sparrows.

  3. Do not allow birds to nest on a structure. Subsequent generations become habituated to the structure and are incredibly committed to a site, making them difficult to move.