Bird infestation? Don't wing it

Birds are more than a nuisance; they carry disease and attract other pests. Birds can also contaminate food, water and anything they touch.

It’s critical to control birds before they have a chance to spread sickness, infection and disease.

Sprague has decades of experience eradicating birds and the dangers they pose around your business.

Trust Sprague to prevent contamination, preserve the structure of your building and stop the serious physical damage that can be caused by birds and their droppings.

Key Risks


Birds, bird droppings and nesting materials carry transmittable diseases into your facility, jeopardizing the safety of employees and endangering food production.


Pigeons carry secondary pests, making matters even worse if they are inside or roosting outside your doors. Mites, ticks and fleas live on pigeons and in their nests.


Birds flying inside processing plants, storage warehouses, retail stores and other food handling establishments can ruin products, contaminate food and result in third-party audit failures.


Birds are beautiful in the wild, but can cause serious problems for your business. Here are a few facts:

  • Droppings Do Damage
    Bird droppings damage buildings by eating away at roofing and blocking ventilation ducts and drainage pipes.
  • Birds Contaminate
    Bird droppings contaminate food and water and release airborne spores that can be inhaled by your customers and workers.
  • Disease & More
    Bird infestations pose several serious health risks, from slip-and-fall accidents to potential disease transmission.

Sprague Solutions


Baits eliminate insect activity and reduce rodent pressure. Non-toxic baits can help us monitor rodent activity and be useful in sensitive situations.


Bioremediation is using natural bacteria to remove fats, oils, and greases. It’s applied in hard to clean areas like drains, grease traps, wastewater pools, soda dispenser trays.

Biological Control

We often use biological growth regulators to prevent populations from multiplying. In special situations, parasitic wasps may be used to prey on problematic insects.

Canine Inspections

Our trained, certified bed bug dogs will sniff out bed bugs quickly and discretely. Then we’ll follow up with a visual inspection by an expertly trained technician. One-time-only and ongoing inspection services are available in select markets.


This one sounds like a no-brainer, but trust the experts to do it right. Let us seal, screen, net and caulk potential pest entry points to keep them out of your place of business.


When it comes to fumigation, experience matters. Trust Sprague for railcar, container, warehouse, processing, flour mill, seed and grain storage fumigation services. We can fumigate on our site, or yours. And we’ll do it right, to minimize its impact on the environment.

Fumigation Alternatives

Did you know you can reduce your reliance on gas fumigants and achieve equal or better results? Mass trapping, mating disruption and heat treatments all deliver good results without the environmental impact of traditional fumigations. A special combination of carbon dioxide, heat and phosphine can dramatically reduce the amount of gas required to deliver an effective treatment. Ask us about your options.

Heat Treatment

For some pests, we use industrial heaters to raise insects’ body temperatures until they reach their thermal deathpoint. This method can be very effective in solving your insect issue without the use of chemicals.


Combined with longer-lasting prevention techniques, targeted insecticide treatments provide immediate relief for a wide range of ants, cockroaches, flies, spiders, stored food pests and wood destroying organisms.

Insect Light Traps

ILTs are an efficient, non-chemical means to control adult flies. Providing 24-hour protection, they capture flies and prevent contamination of otherwise safe food and environments. Regular cleaning, glue board and annual lamp replacement ensure optimal year-round performance.

Light Repair

Sometimes, a minor repair is all it takes prevent a pest infestation. Make sure it’s done right by calling the Sprague team to correctly seal, screen or caulk potential pest entry points to keep them out of your business.

Mating Disruption

Prevent seasonal spikes in moth activity with this intensive pheromone trapping service. Aggressive lure placement and monitoring reduces the need for pesticides and diminishes stored product moth populations. Ideal for seed production, shell nut growers, grain storage, raw agricultural commodities and certified organic operations.

Pest Prevention

Sometimes it’s as simple as eliminating food, water or shelter to prevent pest activity. Sprague has a detailed understanding of pest biology, experience and creativity, so trust our team to work with you to stop pests before they jeopardize health, safety and property.

Pheromone Monitoring

This is an excellent way to monitor for stored product pests. Our experts study trapped insects for early signs that a new pest has been introduced, and where in the facility they’ve been spotted. We’ll then analyze and observe trends to anticipate and prevent seasonal increases and measure treatment effectiveness.

Third Party Consulting

Having an expert opinion is critical when food safety, money, customers and your reputation is on the line. For pest prevention across a wide range of industries, Sprague’s got it covered.

Sprague Solutions

We've got the right solution to eliminate birds. In many cases, a customized combination of solutions works best to stop them in their tracks.
Sprague Solutions

DIY Tips


Birds are attracted to food, water and shelter for nesting and loafing. Limit availability of these attractants to help prevent bird activity.


Keep all doors closed, especially in areas where birds are loafing or feeding. Leaving a door open near a dumpster is an open invitation to sparrows, pigeons and other types of nuisance birds.


Do not allow birds to nest anywhere on a structure. Remove nests the minute you see them. Subsequent generations will become habituated to the structure and incredibly committed to the site, making them almost impossible to move. Roust those roosts!

What Our Clients Say

  • I have worked with Sprague on many occasions for Bird Exclusion services. It was dealt with promptly after we tried to handle this on our own. My only regret was that I didn't call your company to handle this two years ago. We now have given our residents peace from the nesting pigeons. Not only did Sprague resolve this problem, but the netting that was designed for the opening was done perfectly.
    Kathy, Administrator
    Tacoma, WA