A Greener Approach to Bed Bugs

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Redefining Green Pest Management

Sprague Pest Solutions has long been committed to providing innovative pest management services that prevent and eliminate pests. We are also committed to leaving a small environmental footprint and respecting the world we share with clients, employees and the communities we serve.

Sprague is also committed to making its operations greener. Our eco-friendly plans reflect a larger movement by companies and consumers to become more concerned and engaged in protecting the environment. From purchasing smaller, more full efficient and low emission service vehicles to powering our service centers with solar energy, Sprague is walking the walk.

Over the coming months we’ll share stories of how Sprague is redefining what green pest management means.

The No-Prep Bed Bug Approach

A bed bug infestation in an apartment or condominium building is stressful for both residents and property managers. Not only is it inconvenient, at times stigmatizing and threatens the reputation of the property but achieving control can be costly and less green.

After researching and testing the no-prep approach in the field, it was determined that having residents follow a pre-treatment preparation list can make the job of controlling bed bugs more difficult.

Residents removing bedding or clothing or moving furniture can disrupt bed bug infestations and cause them to disperse to areas that were not previously infested inside an apartment or condominium and worsen the problem leading to a longer, costlier and more invasive, less green treatment programs.

The no-prep approach lets Sprague’s technical team and service technicians bring their investigative skills to bear and help them more effectively identify, treat, and develop a customized treatment plan that correctly addresses the problem and yields the desired result with a greener touch.

A Greener Way to Remove Bed Bugs

Sprague’s greener approach allows technicians to “stack the effects” of bed bug prevention and management programs and stresses the mechanical removal of bed bugs – not pesticides.

Quilty - Sprague bed bug canine inspector

Canine bed bug inspectors – like Sprague’s Quilty – are highly effective at sniffing out bed bugs and are a key part of an effective bed bug prevention and management program.

The key components in a greener bed bug program include regular inspections and installation of interceptor monitors/pit fall traps under beds and furniture. Inspections and monitoring allow property managers and their pest management partner to get ahead of bed bugs and quickly react to a potential infestation.

What does green bed bug management include?

  • Installation of pit fall traps and monitors
  • Vacuuming live bed bugs
  • Using extra sticky lint roller to remove bed bugs from upholstered furniture and drapes
  • Steam upholstered furniture
  • Encasement of mattresses and box springs
  • Targeted applications of desiccant dusts

Move In, Move Out Protocols

An important part of the bed bug solution is for property managers to implement resident move-in and move-out programs. These programs serve as a preventive measure to reduce the risk of bed bugs being introduced into a unit.

The new resident move-in program includes inspecting high risk items during the move-in process and scheduling a treatment. The resident move-out program will prevent property managers from leasing infested vacant units and leading to headaches with new residents and potential legal issues. Establishing these protocols afford property managers the chance to inspect and monitor when a lease is not renewed and have the unit treated prior to vacancy.

While the initial costs and timeline for adopting a proactive greener approach using monitoring and traps and establishing new resident move-in and move-out programs can be higher, the long-term financial impact swings in the favor of the property manager. The pay out over the long haul will result in cost savings, reduction of bed bug infestations, happier residents and a smaller environmental footprint following a treatment.

For more information on how Sprague Pest Solutions can assist you design and implement a greener bed bug management program using the no-prep method for your apartment or condominium complex or commercial property, call 855.805.0755.

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