Ants are one of the least harmful but most prolific pests

Finding the right solution depends on identifying the type of ant that’s causing the problem.

See a few ants? Assume there are more. Only 10% of an ant colony is visible at any given time. Ants live in colonies, and it almost always takes an expert to track them to their source and eliminate the threat.

We have decades of experience helping businesses stay footloose and ant-free. Trust Sprague for expert ant services and tips for controlling ants in and around your business.

Key Risks


Ants seen trailing into a building are just worker ants.

These worker ants make up a small portion of the colony. There's more than meets the eye!

Any pest inside your business is cause for concern – even ants.

When seen by employees or customers, they send signals of filth, neglect and potential food safety issues.

It's Murphy's Law:

Ants will seek out the most difficult, inconvenient place to build their nest – like under your concrete slab, in your walls, your employee breakroom or your outdoor patio.


How much do you know about ants and their habits?

  • Ants Have Wings
    Ant assaults can come from both ground and air. The queen and male ants have wings, although the female workers in a colony do not.
  • Find the Source
    Identify ants to find the source. Carpenter ants nest in walls. Pavement ants nest under floors. Odorous house ants are drawn to moisture near water heaters or dishwashers.
  • Know the Risks
    Most ants are not a health risk. They don’t usually have a dangerous sting or bite. However, ants and their teeming colonies can contaminate food, attract unwanted attention and damage your hard-earned image.

Sprague Solutions


Baits eliminate insect activity and reduce rodent pressure. Non-toxic baits can help us monitor rodent activity and be useful in sensitive situations.


This one sounds like a no-brainer, but trust the experts to do it right. Let us seal, screen, net and caulk potential pest entry points to keep them out of your place of business.


Combined with longer-lasting prevention techniques, targeted insecticide treatments provide immediate relief for a wide range of ants, cockroaches, flies, spiders, stored food pests and wood destroying organisms.

Light Repair

Sometimes, a minor repair is all it takes prevent a pest infestation. Make sure it’s done right by calling the Sprague team to correctly seal, screen or caulk potential pest entry points to keep them out of your business.

Pest Prevention

Sometimes it’s as simple as eliminating food, water or shelter to prevent pest activity. Sprague has a detailed understanding of pest biology, experience and creativity, so trust our team to work with you to stop pests before they jeopardize health, safety and property.


At Sprague, we pride ourselves on offering the very best, proven choices available on today’s market. We’re not a manufacturer or product-focused company, so count on us to recommend only the most effective, efficient and field-proven insect light traps, fly traps and other pest control products.

Third Party Consulting

Having an expert opinion is critical when food safety, money, customers and your reputation is on the line. For pest prevention across a wide range of industries, Sprague’s got it covered.


Trapping is a highly effective method for getting rid of rodents and insects. With a keen understanding of pest behavior and biology, our Sprague specialists rely on an arsenal of traps to monitor or eliminate pest activity.

DIY Tips


Spraying pesticide to kill a few worker ants indoors will not solve an ant problem. There are always more where they came from. It’s critical to find the ant nest and eliminate the queen that produces the worker ants.


Ants are attracted to food, warmth, and moisture. Clean up spills immediately, take out the trash often and store food in sealed containers to keep ants at bay.


Trim back trees and shrubs so they don’t come into any contact with your building. This will help prevent easy ant access. Seal all possible entry points around doors and windows, as well as cracks and crevices in the foundation, to keep ants out.

What Our Clients Say

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