Fumigation: A Comprehensive Solution

Fumigation; the Sprague Way

The grain silos, seed processing facilities, milling operations, rail yards, ports, and distribution facilities across the Western U.S. manage millions of tons of agricultural and other products annually to flow to across the globe. These facilities, and their containers, make for welcome homes and are vulnerable to pest threats. If a pest is found, fumigations are often the best solution to prevent widespread contamination.

Types of Fumigations Available:

  1. Export/commodities market, such as containers
  2. Transit systems, such as railcars or trucking
  3. Structural fumigations, such as grain elevators or other large storage facilities
  4. Organic facilities, such as seasonings or rice



A Greener Organic Approach

Our fumigation services for organic facilities utilize carbon dioxide (CO2), a gas that is naturally occurring in the environment, to avoid the use of synthetic fumigants. By nature, CO2 is heavier than oxygen and when added to a closed container settles in the bottom of the structure forcing oxygen to vent out of the top of the structure. Sensors placed near the vents monitor the fumigation process and assist in measuring the amount of CO2 applied to eliminate the targeted pest. Organic fumigations leave the remaining product safe to process and handle after the CO2 has dispersed. Sprague’s commitment to environmental stewardship extends across all of facets of our operations, a pledge also that encompasses fumigation services. From performing targeted fumigations, reusing plastic tarping, and reducing what is sent to the landfill Sprague delivers fumigations that are effective, limit facility downtime, and respect the environment.
Fumigations 8

Sprague Expertise

We know that time is money, and we partner with you to learn your unique business challenges to better plan a fumigation treatment for the least amount of downtime or disruption to your operation.  Planning the correct time to fumigate can lead to significant savings in repackaging, transportation, and product loss prevention.  Our team of entomologists determine the root cause of your pest threat to determine the best method and product to use.

The minute you are ready, so is Sprague.  We have the equipment and staffing ready to take on any project.  Our highly skilled team members are licensed to perform fumigation services, receive intensive multi-day yearly training, and stewardship training with each of our suppliers.  Our partnerships with manufacturers and suppliers allow our teams to trial new technologies to skill-up quicker and improve the efficacy of our solutions.

We have built trusted relationships with many county, state, federal, and international governing bodies to better facilitate your fumigation project.  Our teams adhere to all safety regulations and will provide all required certifications to authorities.