Rodent Control

Commercial facilities are always vulnerable to rodent threats

Disease-carrying rodents can infiltrate even the best prepared commercial facility. Rodents will scurry from a weedy patch across the parking lot and gain access through an open loading dock door or be transported inside a pallet of finished goods or raw ingredients.

Sprague’s IPM-based rodent management programs are founded in science and innovation. We use the latest tools, technology and treatment methods to prevent and eliminate rodents in a wide variety of commercial properties and protect your brand, your products, your employees and customers.

The world deserves to eat safer food, and to live and work in healthier environments, and Sprague is your partner in making that a reality with cutting-edge rodent management strategies.

Did You Know?

Some species of rodents, such as rats and mice, are incredibly intelligent and can quickly learn to avoid traps and other control methods. This can make rodent control a challenging and complex task, requiring careful planning and strategic implementation of multiple control methods.
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