We'll make sure flies buzz off for good

Flies never go unnoticed in a business setting. They are at best, irritating; at worst, they’re intolerable to your customers. The good news is that our pest control experts have the knowledge and solutions to get them out, keep them out and most importantly, stop them from breeding or coming back.

Flies develop so quickly, you can go from a minor problem to a major infestation almost overnight.

Keep filth, disease and irritation away from customers with Sprague’s expert fly control service.

Key Risks


Flies leave fecal spots as they fly – and land – around a facility, spreading filth on lights, walls, windows, and food.

They also carry disease and contaminate food.

Increasing concerns for food safety and sanitation mean customers have no tolerance for flies in your business, and neither do inspectors.

An invasion of flies will drive away future business and risk your reputation.

Given a moist environment – common in many commercial establishments – flies multiply quickly, laying 250-900 eggs in their short lifespan.

It only takes a week for your irritating fly problem to reach severe infestation levels.


When you’re dealing with flies, it helps to know a little about their behavior.

  • Flies Like Moisture
    Flies like moist environments. They often feed and lay their eggs on garbage and decomposing food. Look for hidden moisture caused by leaky pipes and condensation when tracking down the source.
  • Flies Develop Fast
    Flies take about 7-10 days to develop. Installing insect light traps can capture adult flies as soon as they take to the air.​
  • Flies Have A Sweet Tooth
    Sticky, sugary substances like fruits, syrup, and soda attract flies. Even small crumbs and debris can entice and sustain this aggressive pest.

Sprague Solutions


Baits eliminate insect activity and reduce rodent pressure. Non-toxic baits can help us monitor rodent activity and be useful in sensitive situations.

Biological Control

We often use biological growth regulators to prevent populations from multiplying. In special situations, parasitic wasps may be used to prey on problematic insects.

Canine Inspections

Our trained, certified bed bug dogs will sniff out bed bugs quickly and discretely. Then we’ll follow up with a visual inspection by an expertly trained technician. One-time-only and ongoing inspection services are available in select markets.


This one sounds like a no-brainer, but trust the experts to do it right. Let us seal, screen, net and caulk potential pest entry points to keep them out of your place of business.


When it comes to fumigation, experience matters. Trust Sprague for railcar, container, warehouse, processing, flour mill, seed and grain storage fumigation services. We can fumigate on our site, or yours. And we’ll do it right, to minimize its impact on the environment.

Fumigation Alternatives

Did you know you can reduce your reliance on gas fumigants and achieve equal or better results? Mass trapping, mating disruption and heat treatments all deliver good results without the environmental impact of traditional fumigations. A special combination of carbon dioxide, heat and phosphine can dramatically reduce the amount of gas required to deliver an effective treatment. Ask us about your options.


Combined with longer-lasting prevention techniques, targeted insecticide treatments provide immediate relief for a wide range of ants, cockroaches, flies, spiders, stored food pests and wood destroying organisms.

Insect Light Traps

ILTs are an efficient, non-chemical means to control adult flies. Providing 24-hour protection, they capture flies and prevent contamination of otherwise safe food and environments. Regular cleaning, glue board and annual lamp replacement ensure optimal year-round performance.

Light Repair

Sometimes, a minor repair is all it takes prevent a pest infestation. Make sure it’s done right by calling the Sprague team to correctly seal, screen or caulk potential pest entry points to keep them out of your business.

Pest Prevention

Sometimes it’s as simple as eliminating food, water or shelter to prevent pest activity. Sprague has a detailed understanding of pest biology, experience and creativity, so trust our team to work with you to stop pests before they jeopardize health, safety and property.

Pre-Audit Inspection

Have an audit coming up? What should you do? Are you sure you’re ready? Our experts will evaluate your situation, develop an action plan and verify your compliance. Make pest control the one part of the audit you don’t have to worry about.


At Sprague, we pride ourselves on offering the very best, proven choices available on today’s market. We’re not a manufacturer or product-focused company, so count on us to recommend only the most effective, efficient and field-proven insect light traps, fly traps and other pest control products.

Third Party Consulting

Having an expert opinion is critical when food safety, money, customers and your reputation is on the line. For pest prevention across a wide range of industries, Sprague’s got it covered.


Trapping is a highly effective method for getting rid of rodents and insects. With a keen understanding of pest behavior and biology, our Sprague specialists rely on an arsenal of traps to monitor or eliminate pest activity.

ULV Treatments

This option allows for the use of non-residual insecticides by means of a ULV generator. Sometimes called “fogging”, the treatment is effective on exposed insects. Insect growth regulators are often applied in this manner.

DIY Tips


Install screens on all windows to keep your business cool, but closed to flies.


Wipe your counters clean and fix leaks quickly to keep flies out of your work place. Keep trash cans covered and never let the trash overflow.


Aim a fan at doors that open frequently. The positive air movement will push flies out of entryways, keeping them outside.

Quotes From Our Team

  • Flies are proficient at exploiting temporary resources - spills, trash bins, dirty floors or a dead mouse can quickly become a food source for flies.
    Jeffery A. Weier, Sprague Director of Technical Services & Training
    Tacoma, WA