Wildlife Services

Wildlife Control Services

Not all pests are trying to infiltrate your facility, some are outside your facility causing problems as well.  Whether it is a marmot burrowing next to your foundation causing structural damage or a gopher who is tunneling across your new fairway, Sprague is your partner in wildlife control.  Our specialized teams have received additional training and hold dedicated state licensing to ensure that only invasive, non-protected wildlife are removed in a humane and discreet manner.

Services are available as needed or as part of your ongoing pest control program.

Sprague Wildlife Methodology:

  1. All wildlife is treated humanely and respectfully.
  2. Deterrence or exclusion is prioritized over applying control methods.
  3. Inspection is always completed to ensure non-targeted animals are avoided before control methods are applied.

Why is Wildlife Trapping Services Important for Your Business?

When left unchecked, wildlife can cause extreme damage to facilities resulting in significant costs and repairs. Additionally, wildlife control can help businesses adhere to health and safety regulations and avoid costly fines.
Wildlife Services

Types of Control Methods:


Exclusion is the most guaranteed and permanent solution. Methods such a hardware cloth or netting can prevent wildlife from causing damage to facilities.


Our specialized teams use state-approved trapping devices that humanely trap the animals.

Population Control

When appropriate, direct removal services can be utilized when legal to do so and in specific situations. Please contact Sprague for additional information.