Don't let spiders hang around a minute longer

One of nature’s most fascinating creatures can spin a web of problems when they get a foothold in your place of business.

Most spiders are harmless, but their webs create an impression of dirt, decay and neglect.

Get rid of unsightly webbing and keep aggressive house spiders, hobo spiders, and black widow spiders out of your business. Sprague delivers both on-the-spot and ongoing solutions to proactively get rid of troublesome spiders and keep them from coming back.

Key Risks


Spiders and spider webs can result in audit deductions when they are too close to food production areas.


Dusty spider webs, cluttered with debris and insects, gives the appearance that your building is unclean and not well-maintained.


Many people fear spiders – we get it, their beady eyes and spindly legs are creepy. But, birds like spiders, and will be drawn to your building, creating an additional pest issue.


Knowing how to control spiders is key to keeping them from invading your business.

  • Slip-Slide Them Away
    Like non-stick coating in cooking pans, building walls can be treated with a special substance to prevent spider webs from sticking. This will encourage them to move along to other hunting grounds.
  • Keep ‘Em Out
    An exterior service, three times a year, is the best way to keep spiders outside, where they won’t upset customers, employees, or you.
  • Watch For Widows
    Black Widow spiders are not aggressive but may bite in self-defense. Bites can be dangerous to children, elderly and the ill or infirm. Let Sprague handle them.

Sprague Solutions


Combined with longer-lasting prevention techniques, targeted insecticide treatments provide immediate relief for a wide range of ants, cockroaches, flies, spiders, stored food pests and wood destroying organisms.

Light Repair

Sometimes, a minor repair is all it takes prevent a pest infestation. Make sure it’s done right by calling the Sprague team to correctly seal, screen or caulk potential pest entry points to keep them out of your business.

Pest Prevention

Sometimes it’s as simple as eliminating food, water or shelter to prevent pest activity. Sprague has a detailed understanding of pest biology, experience and creativity, so trust our team to work with you to stop pests before they jeopardize health, safety and property.


Applying repellent deters rodents and spiders from traveling over treated areas. Bird repellents disperse loitering flocks and keep birds from establishing roosting sites on building ledges. Repellents keep pests out and can be reapplied as needed to maintain efficacy.

Web Removal

Using brushes, brooms and vacuums, Sprague specialists will remove webs and spiders that might be lurking inside or on the exterior of your building.

DIY Tips


Seal all cracks, crevices and windows to keep spiders from seeking warmth and shelter in your facility.


Clean off webbing frequently from walls, corners, and lights. Repeatedly making them recreate their web will encourage spiders them to get a move-on.


Lights attract insects, which attract spiders. By moving lights away from your building, spiders and insects won’t be as interested. At the very least, move lights away from common entrances, where spiders may be more likely to crawl inside.

Quotes From Our Team

  • Being a generalist predator, spiders are beneficial organisms. However, many people harbor a fear of spiders and their webbing causes aesthetic concerns.
    Jeffery A. Weier, Sprague Director of Technical Services & Training
    Tacoma, WA