Rodent Abatement

Dislodging Unwanted Neighbors - Rodents

Rodent management in and around urban construction sites is a challenging process. As buildings are demolished or soil is graded ahead of new construction, well-entrenched rodent colonies can be displaced, and adjacent commercial properties and neighborhood threatened by foraging rodents. This is where rodent abatement comes in.

What is Rodent Abatement?

Rodent abatement is designed to mitigate the rodent threat before grading or demolition starts. Many city building codes require developers, construction managers or general contractors to enlist the services of a licensed pest management professional to complete a rodent abatement program.

Sprague Pest Solution’s rodent management experts are well-versed not only in innovative rodent abatement and control strategies, but with the building codes and regulations in cities across the Western U.S. We will be your partner in success from start to finish.

When you need a rodent abatement program for your next demolition or new construction project, turn to the rodent experts at Sprague.