An auditor’s tips for QA managers

Some highlights from his interview: 

  • When QA managers are faced with an audit, there are many details that need to be brought together quickly. They can best handle this by preparing daily – not the day before.


  • Above all, the QA manager should utilize their pest management service to get through an audit. The pest control contractor should know the specific requirements of the audit, and make sure the facility complies. The total program should cover every aspect of what’s covered in the audit.


  • Auditing is evolving: the audit itself will become more specific, more intense, more focused on the important aspects of the audit (as opposed to what they like to do). As an auditor, I like to run my own show. More and more, though I can’t do that.


  • If I were sitting in the shoes of a QA manager facing constant audits, I would be prepared for an audit every day. In doing so, I would be building a program that is sustainable day in and day out. If they don’t do that, they will be vulnerable.
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