Sprague Pest Solutions Enters Arizona Market

Dan Scott, B.C.E. Joins Sprague Team As Regional Entomologist

Sprague Pest Solutions has entered the rapidly growing Arizona market with the acquisition of Phoenix-based MasterCare Pest Management.

The acquisition complements Sprague’s expansion into neighboring California and Nevada giving the Tacoma, Washington-based company the ability to service agriculture, food, distribution and service clients across the Southwestern U.S.

Owned by Tim Olson and family since 2002, MasterCare is known for providing eco-friendly pest management services and delivering exceptional levels of client care to the Phoenix metro areas diverse commercial client lineup. Olson and his brother, Jeff, and their sons, Jared and Chris, have joined the Sprague team at the new Phoenix service center.

“Sprague’s technology, training and quality-based services fit perfectly with our commitment to service excellence,’ said Tim Olson. “Our employees now have more career growth opportunities and access to a wider choice of benefits that we couldn’t afford as a smaller company. Our employees and long-time customers are excited to see us move forward with such an excellent company as Sprague.”

Ross Treleven, president of Sprague Pest Solutions, said the Arizona market is home to a unique array of pests and presents an opportunity for Sprague to bring its innovative approach to pest prevention and management to the rapidly growing Phoenix market.

“The high standard of service and client care exhibited by MasterCare and the Olson family sync with Sprague’s core values and we are happy to welcome them to the family,” said Treleven. “We look forward to making sure our Arizona clients and their customers continue to eat safe food and live and work in healthier environments each day.”

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