Back to school with Integrated Pest Management


Pests are one of the last things most people associate with schools – unless you are talking about a highly energetic second grade class! The Sprague Pest Experts prefer to focus on the pests that threaten to spoil cafeteria food, transmit allergens that trigger asthma, or find their way home with students in backpacks, gym bags and lunch boxes.

Education facilities are hotbeds of learning and pest activity. The high volume of people coming and going, numerous deliveries, and the presence of food service operations add up to an attractive venue for pests.  

The Sprague Pest Experts work with numerous educational facilities across the Pacific Northwest and Mountain region. From pre-school and daycare centers to four-year institutions of higher learning, Sprague works to prevent and eliminate the threat of pests.

Sprague most frequently eliminates ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, rodents and nuisance birds from educational facilities. These pests are at the top of the class when it comes to infesting lockers, cafeterias, dorm rooms, loading docks and classrooms.

Providing pest management services within the academic world presents unique challenges and treatment protocols that are firmly based on integrated pest management (IPM) practices. Control relies heavily on exclusion, cultural, sanitation, and targeted applications of materials when needed.

The Sprague Pest Experts recommend education facilities focus on sanitation and exclusion practices when it comes to keeping pests in check. Before school starts, install door sweeps, seal around door and window frames, make sure screens and ventilation openings are intact, eliminate excess moisture, and check the lighting on the exterior of buildings.

When the hallways are bustling and everyone’s back, focus on cleaning up spills immediately, removing trash regularly, and ensuring that students and staff don’t leave food in their lockers or desks overnight.

Following these steps will help prevent and decrease pest population levels. Give your facility a passing grade when it comes to pest management.

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