Big Data and Food Safety

Big data is making its impact on food safety as food processors look to collect valuable information in order to develop protocols that protect their facilities, products and customers.

What types of data are food processors seeking? The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies recently conducted a survey of food industry professionals asking that question.

Food processing professionals indicated they were looking to collect the following data as part of their efforts to comply with Food Safety Modernization Act mandates:  

•    Critical Points Control

•    Food Processing State

•    Sanitary State of Machines and Environment

•    Package Integrity

•    Machine Performance Issues and Downtime

•    FSMA and Operational Documentation

The Sprague Pest Experts are well versed on what data food processing professionals need to collect and, more importantly, how to interpret and act upon that data to protect facilities from pests that can threaten food safety. 

Sprague’s data collection protocols use the latest in mobile, hand-held and wearable technologies allowing our service technicians to collect, store and share important data on the pest management and food safety actions in clients’ facilities.

This data is shared in real-time and accessible whenever clients need it. The data also generates detailed reports that can be shared with third-party auditors and government inspectors prior to, during or after an inspection.


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