Deadline for Food Facilities to Renew FDA Registration Draw Near

Food processing facilities that registered with the Food & Drug Administration before October 1, 2014 must renew their FDA registration by December 31 or risk not being able to distribute their food products to retailers and consumers.

The new registration rules are part of the Food Safety Modernization Act’s (FSMA) increased demand for updated, detailed documentation. The rule applies to all facilities, domestic and foreign, that manufacture, process, pack or hold food for human or animal consumption.

Registrations can be submitted by mail, fax and online, and facilities can use third-party consultants to help file the renewal. The Sprague Pest Experts knowledgeable food safety experts encourage clients to file their renewal early as part of their comprehensive pest management and food safety program.

Food processors should be aware that by submitting their registration or renewal, food processors agree to allow the FDA to inspect their facility. Under the new FSMA regulations, the FDA is required to inspect all high-risk facilities by 2016 and then again every three years thereafter. Non-high-risk facilities must be inspected by 2018 and then again every five years after that.

While the initial inspection is free, the FDA know reserves the right to charge for re-inspections of a facility if food safety issues are identified in the first go round. The FDA can charge an hourly fee ($217) for the actual inspection as well as preparation and travel time.

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