Don’t Fall Asleep On Rodents This Summer

The Sprague Pest Experts have been delivering rodent management services to clients for decades and over the years we have learned that these crafty invaders do not take the summer off when it comes to trying to gain access to your facility.

Rodents are often introduced to commercial facilities in shipments of raw food materials (i.e. sugar, grain or flour), finished product (i.e. grass seed, pet food or bird seed) or in paper board packaging and shipping pallets.

To combat the rodent threat, the Sprague Pest Experts have turned their attention inward and have found success using traps, rodent deterrents, and exclusion practices to ward off rodents.

Enclosed multi-catch rodent traps are commonly and effectively used in commercial facilities by the Sprague Pest Experts and not only do they produce immediate results — once a disease carrying rodent wanders inside their exploring and contamination days are over – but traps are also a cost-efficient option for clients.

With increasing success, the Sprague Pest Experts have used natural, food-grade gel-based deterrents to discourage rodents from entering a facility. The gels are applied around potential rodent entry points and utility pipes, and deliver an irritant (white pepper for example) that makes rodent disoriented and spurns their interest in pursuing an invitation inside.

How are clients benefiting from this fresh approach to rodent management? 

■ Management programs are more effective since their design is based on rodent biology and behavior, and the ecology of the facility vs. a formula.

■ It provides for more efficient use of time and monetary resources. 

This saves the client money and allows more time to conduct 

inspections, monitoring and management programs.

■ The environmental impact is lessened; Non-target animals have more protection and the amount of spoiled bait being thrown away is reduced.

■ It provides a more comprehensive, holistic IPM-based approach. 

Rather than relying upon just one control method, it brings multiple

options to the table.

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